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Fashion news - monthly digest March

Fashion News - Monthly Digest March

YouTube announces shoppable videos. Klarna launches Influencer Council to provide greater clarity on guidelines.

fashion news February 2021

Fashion News - Monthly Digest February

The seemingly sci-fi world of digital couture – in which social media users can buy virtual clothing to be worn online, while gamers can dress avatars in flamboyant “skins” – is increasingly being hailed as the next big thing in the industry.

Fashion news 2021 January

Fashion News - Monthly Digest January 2021

Whether it’s an upstart new retail category, new payment technology, a new way of imagining what a retail environment looks like, or something entirely unimaginable just a few years ago, here is the list of 20 Top Retail Wild Card Trends for 2021.

Fashion News 2020 December

Fashion News - Monthly Digest December 2020

While the crisis has visited a devastating impact on businesses and jobs, it may also have accelerated responses that can lead to positive outcomes. The key characteristic of well-performing fashion companies is digital strength. Read more about how TikTok Changed Fashion This Year.

fashion news

Fashion News - Monthly Digest November 2020

Black Friday: Empty malls, busy websites. Is Black Friday bad for business? Three strategies that serve your business better over time.

fashion news october

Fashion News - Monthly Digest October 2020

As stores were forced to close, digital sales were expected to take over. They've soared, but serious constraints are also now on display. 62% of customers struggle to complete purchase checkout. Nobody wants to wear jeans when working from home. Let's see the latest fashion news.

Fashion News - August

Fashion News - Monthly Digest August 2020

Brick-and-mortar businesses are pivoting like mad to ensure customers have convenient ways to shop and eat and to provide safe and attractive interiors. The upshot will be a healthier retail market in the long term with better options for us all, online or offline.

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