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ecommerce news - September

Ecommerce news - Monthly Digest September

As attention shifts from summer to back-to-school, the retail journey into falling prices begins. Labor Day sales, Halloween savings, and the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Let's have a look at what e-commerce experts said about the upcoming season.

Ecommerce news- monthly digest July

Ecommerce news - Monthly Digest July

Brace yourselves, the back-to-school season is coming. Apple is working on the "Apple Pay Later" service. Teleshopping is coming back? Check the latest ecommerce news.

Ecommerce news - May

Ecommerce News - Monthly Digest May

Last year, a lot happened in the world of online stores. The coronavirus pandemic has boosted ecommerce in many ways, but also led to many companies having to make significant changes in the short term. What’s the state of ecommerce per country in 2021?

Fashion news - monthly digest March

Fashion News - Monthly Digest March

YouTube announces shoppable videos. Klarna launches Influencer Council to provide greater clarity on guidelines.

fashion news February 2021

Fashion News - Monthly Digest February

The seemingly sci-fi world of digital couture – in which social media users can buy virtual clothing to be worn online, while gamers can dress avatars in flamboyant “skins” – is increasingly being hailed as the next big thing in the industry.

Fashion news 2021 January

Fashion News - Monthly Digest January 2021

Whether it’s an upstart new retail category, new payment technology, a new way of imagining what a retail environment looks like, or something entirely unimaginable just a few years ago, here is the list of 20 Top Retail Wild Card Trends for 2021.

Fashion News 2020 December

Fashion News - Monthly Digest December 2020

While the crisis has visited a devastating impact on businesses and jobs, it may also have accelerated responses that can lead to positive outcomes. The key characteristic of well-performing fashion companies is digital strength. Read more about how TikTok Changed Fashion This Year.

fashion news

Fashion News - Monthly Digest November 2020

Black Friday: Empty malls, busy websites. Is Black Friday bad for business? Three strategies that serve your business better over time.

fashion news october

Fashion News - Monthly Digest October 2020

As stores were forced to close, digital sales were expected to take over. They've soared, but serious constraints are also now on display. 62% of customers struggle to complete purchase checkout. Nobody wants to wear jeans when working from home. Let's see the latest fashion news.

Fashion News - August

Fashion News - Monthly Digest August 2020

Brick-and-mortar businesses are pivoting like mad to ensure customers have convenient ways to shop and eat and to provide safe and attractive interiors. The upshot will be a healthier retail market in the long term with better options for us all, online or offline.

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