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How easy returns help your online business

Return management is now supported in Stylehub. Now, let's talk about how easy returns help your online growth.

ecommerce conversion rate optimization

10 Best practices for ecommerce conversion rate optimization

To help you make more money from your online store, we've compiled a list of 10 ways to improve your conversion rate, based on real-world experience with top online stores.

product updates - November 2021

Boost sales with the new coupon codes, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Would you sweeten your deals? Here's the right toolkit — now you can create fixed-amount and free shipping coupon codes. Moreover, your customers can combine codes, e.g. percentage discount + free shipping coupons.

Coupon codes everywhere

Coupon codes everywhere

Coupons codes are a great catalyst in ecommerce. Create and schedule your own custom coupon codes. Speed up the order picking process and lower the number of warehousing failures by printing picking slips.

ecommerce news - September

Ecommerce news - Monthly Digest September

As attention shifts from summer to back-to-school, the retail journey into falling prices begins. Labor Day sales, Halloween savings, and the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Let's have a look at what e-commerce experts said about the upcoming season.

Product Updates - August 2021

Reach your customers on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Stylehub is loaded with marketing features that increase sales - Google Product Ads, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. Empower your store with all the important analytics like GA4, Google Enhanced Ecommerce, Facebook Pixel. Let's see the details.


10+1 ecommerce tips for back-to-school season

The back-to-school season is the second-biggest shopping season of the year. That's why this season is so crucial for those who sell relevant products. Read further and get actionable hints for boosting your sales.

How iOS 14.5 affects your Facebook ads.

How iOS 14.5 affects your Facebook ads.

Apple’s request for users to opt into tracking has changed how Facebook receives and processes data from the Facebook Pixel and subsequently affects your ability to track and market to potential and current customers via Facebook and Instagram ads. Here are the four major effects you have to face.

Ecommerce news- monthly digest July

Ecommerce news - Monthly Digest July

Brace yourselves, the back-to-school season is coming. Apple is working on the "Apple Pay Later" service. Teleshopping is coming back? Check the latest ecommerce news.

Product Updates - July 2021

OSS explained - How to meet the new regulations

Say goodbye to local thresholds. No more complications, all distance selling thresholds have been removed. See how Stylehub meets the new regulations.

The most common standard pages for an online store

The most common standard pages for an online store

Most ecommerce platforms offer several product page templates, so you can pick one that works best for your vision. Are we ready to launch your online store? Not yet! We’ll need to extend the list of pages with some important, yet frequently overlooked subpages.

Product Updates - June 2021

Huge steps forward to elevate your shopping experience

Lightning-fast product uploads, warehouse management, branded invoicing, and classy new fonts in your online store. See what happened at Stylehub.

Ecommerce news - May

Ecommerce News - Monthly Digest May

Last year, a lot happened in the world of online stores. The coronavirus pandemic has boosted ecommerce in many ways, but also led to many companies having to make significant changes in the short term. What’s the state of ecommerce per country in 2021?

How to improve the conversion rate on product pages

How to improve the conversion rate on product pages

How fast your pages load, easy they are to navigate and understand are all crucial factors in your website design, which directly impacts your online conversion rates. This goes double for product pages!

product page urls

Best practices for ecommerce URL structure

Why is your URL structure so important? If you think it’s just technical stuff you’re wrong. The online store’s URL structure matters a lot. Getting your URLs right the first time is a must, so here are some very important things to consider when you’re setting the protocol for your eCommerce URLs.

How to manage your media assets

How to manage your media assets

High-quality product images and videos increase conversion rates, so having multiple professional product images is a must. If you only have a few products, it won’t be challenging to handle them, but extending your catalog could result in a mess among your media files.

Fashion news - monthly digest March

Fashion News - Monthly Digest March

YouTube announces shoppable videos. Klarna launches Influencer Council to provide greater clarity on guidelines.

Fashion Ecommerce SEO

The ultimate fashion ecommerce SEO guide

Unleashing your brand’s maximum potential through ecommerce SEO means driving for consistent growth and booming sales. Although paid advertisements and social media platforms are a great way to bring traffic to your website, there’s nothing better than to generate powerful digits without having to pay a lot—plus, you can get a wider scope of community than just people on Facebook.

how to build a fashion store

How to create your first fashion store

You are ready to make your mark in the fashion world. The only thing that is holding you back, is that it tends to be a bit of a jungle. It seems like getting your fashion store up and running is a long and tedious process. 

fashion news February 2021

Fashion News - Monthly Digest February

The seemingly sci-fi world of digital couture – in which social media users can buy virtual clothing to be worn online, while gamers can dress avatars in flamboyant “skins” – is increasingly being hailed as the next big thing in the industry.

Fashion magazine submissions

Fashion magazine submissions

The fashion industry is tough and saturated, but you knew that already. A way to help your brand breakthrough and increase brand awareness is to submit editorials of your clothing to fashion magazines.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Checkout page design: 5 tips on how to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales

Did you know that for most online stores, the abandoned cart rate (items added to cart but no purchase followed through) is usually around 80%? That is a huge part of store visitors, ready to buy from you, but for some reason, change their mind.

Fashion news 2021 January

Fashion News - Monthly Digest January 2021

Whether it’s an upstart new retail category, new payment technology, a new way of imagining what a retail environment looks like, or something entirely unimaginable just a few years ago, here is the list of 20 Top Retail Wild Card Trends for 2021.

All about fashion ecommerce pricing techniques

All about fashion ecommerce pricing techniques

In addition to your goal of providing a localized shopping experience, you may get the chance to increase your profit to a much broader extent. But only if you set your prices wisely. Are you up for it?

Fashion News 2020 December

Fashion News - Monthly Digest December 2020

While the crisis has visited a devastating impact on businesses and jobs, it may also have accelerated responses that can lead to positive outcomes. The key characteristic of well-performing fashion companies is digital strength. Read more about how TikTok Changed Fashion This Year.

Localized shopping experience

Localized shopping experience

Statistics tell us that 90% of people ALWAYS use their native language online when given the option. This means even if you reach a non-American market where people are well-spoken in English, it doesn’t guarantee you sales—at least not immediately.

Stylehub vs Shopify

Stylehub vs Shopify

As a business owner, choosing the right ecommerce platform that fits your business needs is crucial for your success. In this guide, we will show you a detailed comparison of Stylehub vs Shopify.

fashion news

Fashion News - Monthly Digest November 2020

Black Friday: Empty malls, busy websites. Is Black Friday bad for business? Three strategies that serve your business better over time.

Stylehub vs WooCommerce

Stylehub vs WooCommerce

In this article, we’re going to cover the main differences between Stylehub and WooCommerce, to give you a full overview of the features and services that each platform offers.

multi-currency pricing

Why multi-currency pricing is such a big deal

While you still think whether or not multi-currency pricing is a big deal? Paypal already did a consumer research that participated with over 23,000 people who love to shop online. And who knows, they might already buy one or two products from your ecommerce store, even great if you have made them a returning customer.

fashion news october

Fashion News - Monthly Digest October 2020

As stores were forced to close, digital sales were expected to take over. They've soared, but serious constraints are also now on display. 62% of customers struggle to complete purchase checkout. Nobody wants to wear jeans when working from home. Let's see the latest fashion news.

Ecommerce navigation best practices

Ecommerce navigation best practices

Although an eye-candy site is one of the key factors that contribute to an overall positive user experience, one cannot guarantee how it really delivers to the visitors.

Post purchase experience

The ultimate checklist for an elite post-purchase experience

The post-purchase experience is an important, yet frequently overlooked, part of the online purchase process. How your brand engages with customers after they placed an order can make a difference between whether they’ll return to your site and buy again, or not.

Fashion News - August

Fashion News - Monthly Digest August 2020

Brick-and-mortar businesses are pivoting like mad to ensure customers have convenient ways to shop and eat and to provide safe and attractive interiors. The upshot will be a healthier retail market in the long term with better options for us all, online or offline.

Shipping management

The 3 things every brand should know about shipping management

In the world of fashion ecommerce, having a smart shipping strategy is of vital importance to your business. Often costly and time-consuming, especially for small businesses with just as small numbers of staff, shipping management is a challenge that requires knowledge and a plan.

Vintage Fashion

How to sell vintage clothing online

It’s pretty obvious that you’re an avid thrifter with a loaded wardrobe and are contemplating how you can turn that major pre-worn shopping obsession into a profit.

on-site search engines

Why on-site search engines matter?

40% of purchases begin from search. On-site search engines are important because they direct your sales in ways you haven’t discovered yet. One unsatisfactory product hunting, when piled up with other potential buyers, can lead you to your biggest loss.


Supercharge your sales with lookbooks

Lookbooks captivate and convert customers, and it’s time you start using them, too! Lookbooks are first and foremost selling tools. Once used exclusively by top fashion magazines, they are now an essential marketing tool for online fashion brands.

tshirt packaging

T-shirt packaging best practices

A beautiful t-shirt will bring your customer joy, but there is more to the customer experience than just the product. Think about it, why do you love your favorite brands?

fashion story telling

Fashion storytelling: Why your brand MUST have a blog

Blogs are channels picked up by brands to present their identity and tell their story to the public. That’s because, just like in any field, it evokes feelings, builds connections, and binds messages — a brand’s core communication strategies to hit their target.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin photography guide

Ghost mannequin photography, or sometimes called, invisible mannequin photography — is commonly used by brands and online retailers to give their products a 2D and a 3D view. This is also known as the hollow man effect.