10+1 ecommerce tips for back-to-school season

If there's only one thing you can count on year after year, it's the well-known routine of kids going back to school. Whether it's attending school virtually or heading back to a building, there's one task that remains the same — school supplies have to be bought. That's why this season is so crucial for those who sell relevant products. Read further and get actionable hints for boosting your sales.

apple's back-to-school
Apple's back-to-school offer

What's the back-to-school season?

The back-to-school season is the second-biggest shopping season of the year. This is the season when students and their parents purchase school supplies and apparel for the upcoming school year. The back-to-school period usually starts and ends in August before the school year starts. 

These are the top products at this time:

  • clothing and footwear
  • electronics
  • stationery, office supplies
  • accessories (backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.)
  • art and craft supplies
  • extracurricular activity supplies - sporting goods etc.)

Although electronics stuff rose during the COVID-19, this year looks more similar to the pre-covid times and classic supplies are getting back - according to KPMG's latest survey. 49% of purchases will be made via online retailers or e-commerce sites. This is up from 44% just 12 months ago. Multiple studies show that the average spending will increase this year as well. So let's see what you can do.

Make back-to-school season part of your calendar.

It's easy to forget the back-to-school shoppers as you're focusing on other big holiday shopping events, but this is now a major shopping season, and you have to prepare for it. More and more shoppers are using social media to discover and buy products. So lean into product tags on Facebook as a way to help increase discovery with new shoppers.

  1. Stock the right amount of products - running out of stocks within a few days could harm your brand.
  2. Prepare with the marketing campaigns - it could take time to find the right creatives, product photos and upload them to Facebook's or Google's ads manager.

  3. Launch engaging promotions - offer giveaways, free shipping, or special deals to your visitors because they hunt for the best offer. 60% of respondents agreed that they'll only shop for school supplies if/when sales and discounts start.
Squadcosmetics' offer on Instagram
Squadcosmetics' offer on Instagram

Make your offers visible on each channel.

To take the most out of the back-to-school season, you need to maximize your reach on each channel.

  1. Retarget your customers via email - it's a great chance to make them coming back to your store. You can reward their loyalty with special deals too.

  2. Don't forget to message your newsletter list as well - newsletter subscribers are always looking for great offers.

  3. Getting visibility on social media channels isn't just about running ads. Try to do research for relevant groups or influencers and message them for more visibility. Facebook groups have their own habits and dynamics, don't harm publishing rules.
bestbuy back-to-school offer
Bestbuy.com back-to-school offers on the website

Update your website

Before the thought of updating your website starts causing great anxiety, there are easy updates you can make without making a major overhaul. You can use your website to remind your shoppers of what they need for the back-to-school season.

  1. Prepare the proper messaging. Some ideas for websites involve using popups (also known as overlays or dialogue boxes) to bring attention to new sale items added or encourage email signup.

  2. Highlight relevant products on your storefront. People always check the main page of the online store, so replace your hero image and put some lovely carousels with bundled products somewhere in the first few sections. Stylehub allows you to create custom collections from your catalog.

  3. The customers' purchase experience on your site is critical throughout the year. Still, it seems more so for back-to-school shopping because parents and students are so busy. You can create a better UX by checking your site speed and making sure it's fast as possible.

  4. Put effort into SEO. A lot of traffic could come from Google searches. So your store should be perfectly optimized weeks before the season the lead customers to your storefront.

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back to scool offer
Almost everything could fit to back-to-school season - Tinylogics.

+1 Don't underestimate your catalog

Do you think back-to-school is not for you because your products are not related to the back-to-school season? You're probably wrong. It's not just about selling glue sticks and pencils. For example, college students are potential shoppers for households or cleaning stuff.

To sum up

The back-to-school season is the second-biggest shopping season of the year, and it starts in August. Instead of wasting your time during the holiday - it's a great chance to generate sales. But you need to be effective because shoppers are looking for the best deals. Prepare for the season, create great deals, provide a gorgeous shopping experience. 

... and don't forget, the back-to-school season could fit any business, so let's go and wrap your products in a seasonal offer.

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