release notes November

Boost sales with the new coupon codes, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Coupon codes on the next level

kuponkód fejlesztések

Would you sweeten your deals? Here's the right toolkit — now you can create fixed-amount and free shipping coupon codes. Moreover, your customers can combine codes, e.g. percentage discount + free shipping coupons.

Say hello to Apple Pay and Google Pay

apple pay és google pay

Purchasing via Apple Pay and Google Pay is now available in all Stylehub online stores. Allowing these payments can boost your online conversion because they are trusted and easy to use for your customers.
p.s.: more payment integrations are on the way

Export to .xlsx effortlessly

If you need to work with data outside your online store, exporting to Excel makes your life easier. Now you can make an .xlsx export both from orders and stock.

Further improvements

  • Massively improved search options among the store admin (products, orders, etc).
  • Store images load faster with the automatic .webp conversion
  • Minor improvements, bug fixes

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