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Last year, a lot happened in the world of online stores. The coronavirus pandemic has boosted ecommerce in many ways, but also led to many companies having to make significant changes in the short term. What’s the state of ecommerce per country in 2021?

Delivery costs most important factor when choosing online stores

In a major part of Europe, delivery costs are the most important factor for online shoppers who are choosing which online store they will buy from. This doesn’t necessarily mean online customers are fundamentally unwilling to pay for delivery, but the willingness differs per country.

Key takeaways

  • According to the study, for 55 percent of all respondents, the cost of delivery is the most important criterion when choosing an online store.
  • For example, for 39 percent of Spanish and 32 percent of French customers delivery has to be free for them to place an order.
  • 26% think delivery should always be free.
  • In the DACH region, payment by invoice is preferred.
  • Choosing a preferred delivery date or time is especially popular in the Netherlands, where 49 percent of consumers made use of this at least once for their last five orders.

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Ecommerce fulfillment per country

The unexpected, and unprecedented, growth of ecommerce in Europe last year came with some challenges, especially in the fulfillment area. All across the continent, fulfillment centers and suppliers worked non-stop at full capacity to process all these online orders. And on top of that, there were also the increased number of returns and the challenges created by Brexit.


  • Food & personal care was the fastest growing online industry.
  • Belgium has a large share of cross-border sales.
  • Half of Germans don’t return their online purchase.
  • Delivery to a parcel machine is popular.
    popular payment methods

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    instagram ecommerce
    Image Credits: Bryce Durbin

    Instagram launches a new section for shopping product drops

    On Instagram, drops will now have their own destination inside the app at the top of the Shop tab, where consumers can discover, browse and shop all the latest product launches as well as view upcoming launches. Shoppers also can sign up to receive reminders about products they’re interested in, and look through products and collections from other drops that recently took place on Instagram.

    On an individual brand’s page inside Drops, consumers can view info like when the product became available, pricing, and other item details. They can also bookmark the item to add it to a wishlist or share the drop with a friend through Instagram’s direct messaging feature. From the top of the Drops page, users can return to their Cart or Wishlist at any time to complete the checkout — assuming they aren’t too late, of course.

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