Fashion magazine submissions

Fashion magazine submissions

The fashion industry is tough and saturated, but you knew that already. A way to help your brand breakthrough and increase brand awareness is to submit editorials of your clothing to fashion magazines. A lot of fashion magazines around the world accept submissions from brands like yours and if you happen to be published, a lot of new potential buyers, collaborators, and other creative people will hear about you.

Again, the fashion industry is crowded which also means getting published could be hard. A lot of brands are fighting over not only customers but also the attention of magazines and other PR-sources. This means that you can not just snap a few photos of your best most beautiful piece and email it to the fashion magazines. No, the work will be harder than that, bit could definitely be worth it.

To save time, read more about how to manage it effectively and get the buzz going.

How do magazine submissions work

Most of the online (and offline) magazines accept submissions but sometimes it’s hard to meet the given criteria. However, take note that each fashion magazine has its own guidelines and requirements. To begin with, set aside a few hours to do thorough research on the web and make a rundown of fashion magazines that are open for entries or submissions. 

Atlas magazine
Atlas magazine

Then, focus on the magazine's artistic and photographic style. Could you see your brand matching with this magazine? If not from the get-go, could you, through a creative tutorial, make it fit? 

When you have a list of magazines, plan your photoshoot and schedule photographers, make-up artists, models, and other collaborators you may need.

Once you have a finished product, make sure to email everything in high quality (WeTransfer is a good option when transferring large files) along with a professional email. Save time by making sure that you email the right person or department. If this part isn’t clear, consider emailing their customer service to get the right email for submissions.

6 tips to consider when submitting your submissions

There are some tips to consider when submitting fashion submissions:


Great lighting is the main fundamental factor in a decent photo. On account of publication photography, it's completely crucial to have stable, good lighting. There is a wide range of styles of lighting, and you have to discover and explore a style that works for both your brand and your publication. Ensure the ambiance you're setting with light matches the tone of the general idea.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." ―Rachel Zoe

Hair and Makeup

The nature of hair and cosmetics styling can represent the deciding moment of a shoot. In the event that this doesn't stream with the rest of the styling of a fashion article, the shoot won't work. Make sure that your make-up artist and hairdresser are on the same page as every other person. You can even create a certain lookbook in case you want to be more specific. Additionally, make sure that the cosmetics they're doing is going to look well in your lighting style; consider overwhelming cosmetics with hard lighting. 


This is where your brand will truly shine - or completely fail. Depending on your current range, you may or may not be able to be flexible. Either way, keep in mind that you need to stand out and communicate the value of your brand through these photos. If you have a line of just a few pieces, think of how you can highlight them all. If you have a lot of pieces to choose from, pick the ones that complement each other the best, and make the most stylish outfits.


Do not send submissions that look stiff. Your models will be one with your clothing, so make sure that they are “warmed up”. They should feel comfortable on-site and have some time before the actual shoot. This will allow them to not feel rushed and look more flexible on camera. Remember, the shoot should be fun. It will translate in the photos, we promise.

Atlas magazine submissions
Atlas magazine

Experiment with poses. Is there a particular pose that highlights a piece a little extra? Think outside of the box, and come up with new poses that fit the overall style of the brand and the theme of the shoot.


The aesthetic of the shoot is as important, if not more, as the actual clothing. Make sure you have this figured out before planning anything regarding the shoot.

How do you determine your aesthetic? Start with connecting the dots between your branding, your clothes, and the magazine you want to submit to. If your brand is a bright and poppy gym wear brand and the magazine is a more dark and mysterious publication, it may not be a match. However, if you think you can tweak your shoot to fit the magazine - go ahead! Look at current publications for inspiration and ask yourself - what would their readers like to see?


Do your absolute best to produce quality work. It can be tricky as a beginner with a smaller budget, but the more high-quality your work is, the better. If you’re not a master at post-production, find someone who would be willing to help you edit the photos once they’re ready. Offer them credit and maybe you’ll be able to get their services for a discount or maybe even for free!

BEYONDall fashion magazine submissions
BEYONDall Magazine

Top 10 online magazines that take submissions

These are the top online magazines where you can submit your work:

  1. Luxia Magazine is an upscale Beauty and Fashion Magazine distributed month to month, including excellent photography, committed to giving unique, extraordinary, one of a kind, and imaginative style publication content.
  2. PUMP Magazine is a luxury publication fashion and beauty magazine distributed in advanced and luxury print organized on thick premium pages. PUMP gives a spot to all.
  3. BEYONDall is a new magazine about beauty, fashion, art, and culture.
  4. Archive Mag started a month to month print distribution that has been available for use for almost two years, exhibiting probably the best style, magnificence, and article work internationally!
  5. Flanelle Magazine is a fast-growing image-heavy seasonal propelling fashion magazine for both men and women for its striking articles. Separating itself from different magazines by its sheer volume and its visual way to deal with design, Flanelle intends to situate itself as a mix of style, fashion, and art. 
  6. été Magazine was started in late 2019, to give a more economical platform for the world's best new and rising swimwear and resort wear designers to advance and offer their names to a wide worldwide crowd who have a qualified interest for everything about summer.
  7. Moevir Magazine is a fashion & art photography magazine located in Paris, which aims to explore further into the design, modern, style, and art for giving perusers who are living in the unwieldy condition of quick update cycles a totally new and remarkable visual inspiration.
  8. Atlas Magazine is a submission based fashion magazine concentrated on advocating the up and coming age of creatives. Established in 2012 by Megan Breukelman and Olivia Bossert, Atlas is a group of stunning pictures from around the world that is continually refreshed with day by day style inspiration and quarterly magazine issues.
  9. Feroce Magazine is an established platform that scouts and selects the exceptional talents to present to its users.
  10. ONE Magazine is a yearly women's wear exclusive magazine — distributed for print and computerized. ONE Magazine's style and creative rotates around clarity, natural beauty, and class.
Nordic Style Magazine - fashion submission
Nordic Style Magazine

Top Scandinavian magazines take submissions.

  1. Nordic Style Mag is an online magazine that offers an insight into the latest life, fashion, beauty, and entertainment trends in the Nordics.
  2. Cole Magazine is a forward fashion magazine from Norway that is open to submissions from both brands and photographers with given themes every issue.
  3. Damernas Värld is a popular Swedish magazine, mainly for women. Most of the magazine is about fashion but also includes interviews and other beauty and home-related topics.
  4. Femina is another widely known magazine focusing on fashion, beauty, health and women’s lifestyle.
  5. Café writes about the lifestyle of a fashionable man. Here the reader discovers new brands to wear, new songs to listen to, and unique restaurants to try.
  6. IN is a Danish fashion and lifestyle magazine where you’ll find the newest trends in various industries such as jewelry, interior, and, of course, fashion. IN targets both a male and a female audience, mainly based in Denmark.

To sum up

Your talent is an external source of opportunities. Several fashion magazines accept submissions; you just have to conduct thorough research and be confident in your brand’s potential.

Work hard, but work smart: find a way to submit your fashion editorials to several magazines, and why not collaborate with a talented fashion photographer that has some contacts already? 

You’re an artist, but also an entrepreneur. Take action, and you will reach your goals.

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