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Fashion News - Monthly Digest August 2020

Nicolas Ghesquière on fashion past, present, and future

The creative director of Louis Vuitton womenswear shares his thoughts.
“There is no room for going back to what things were,” he says. “And while we have the tendency to want to go back to what was, I think that would be our worst mistake.”

“It’s not that we weren’t thinking enough before,” he says of his creative reset, “but I think the time was consumed with this crazy rhythm of proposing collection after collection, and it didn’t allow us the proper time to focus on what was necessary – [the issue of what was] ethical, sustainable, the problem of waste. It wasn’t right. I’d rather work more on fewer products than too quickly on more products. 

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How to Win the Pandemic’s Activewear Boom

Tips: Start slow. For instance, cult running brand Tracksmith took a conservative approach to growth to avoid some of the mistakes other fast-scaling, direct-to-consumer companies have made, said Matt Taylor, CEO of the five-year-old brand he co-founded in 2014. To date, the brand has raised $6.7 million in funding.

“We have a more conservative — and hopefully sustainable — vision, in terms of how we want to grow the brand over time,” he said, noting he sought out investors “that also understand the reality of starting a brand from scratch, and how much time that takes to build a really strong and wide foundation before you can start to really accelerate growth.”

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Retail is having a Darwin moment that will transform it forever

Main story: “Brick-and-mortar businesses are pivoting like mad to ensure customers have convenient ways to shop and eat and to provide safe and attractive interiors. The upshot will be a healthier retail market in the long term with better options for us all, online or offline. ”

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26 Vogue Editors in Chief on the Images That Bring Them Hope in 2020

A historic collaboration between Vogue’s editors. To mark the project’s launch, each of the 26 editors in chief has selected one photograph or illustration from their print publication and told us why it fills them with hope for the future.

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