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Fashion News - Monthly Digest January 2021

20 Wildcards for ‘21

The second weekend in January was “Wild Card Weekend” in the NFL, where all the teams with so-so seasons had one last chance to prove their mettle or suffer certain elimination from a chance to play in this year’s Super Bowl.

The retail business has its own cadre of Wild Cards – trends that may not look like much now but might just be positioned to have an outsized influence on a sector ripe for innovation and change. There is a caveat: A number of these Wild Card picks might be a year (or two or more) out from really paying out, but the disruptive effects of these future trends will still likely be felt in 2021 as their future impacts ripple backward in time.

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From Silver Bullets To Strategic Overhauls: 9 Retail Trends, Tactics & Innovations For Success In 2021

Nobody needs reminding that 2020 has wreaked havoc on retail and brand culture, just like everything else. But the seismic shake-up has also triggered invaluable epiphanies, accelerated platforms, and allegiances formerly seen as gimmicks or slow burners and given rise/credibility to trends, tactics, and innovations that may make 2021 a uniquely groundbreaking year.

Need to know trends:

1: Refresh Phygital (Contact-Lite, Sensory Heavy)

2: Live & Unchained: Lean into the Art of E-Persuasion

3: Make Moves on the Metaverse (& Blended Realities)

4: Take XR, Especially AR, to Heart

5: Embrace Insperiences

6: Frenemize Your Way to Success

7: Lubricate Localism

8: Pump up Purpose – Eco, Ethical & Social

9: Democratize Luxury & Harness Prestige Prosumers  

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The Best Street Style at the Spring 2021 Couture Shows in Paris

Couture week may be happening virtually, but Style du Monde’s Acielle is having no trouble finding people to photograph in the City of Light. She’s snapped models leaving their socially-distanced shoots, editors strolling between appointments, and stylish locals bundled up for a walk or errands. 

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