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How easy returns help your online business

Return management is now supported in Stylehub. Now, let's talk about how easy returns help your online growth.

What is returns management?

Return management is an important part of e-commerce. In fact, many people say that it's the most important part of e-commerce. A brand's success depends on how well they handle the return of products that are purchased online.

How can a customer initiate a return?

  • in most cases, they email the seller and ask for instructions
  • some of the brands offer self-service returns for registered users
  • returns can be handled in the brick & mortar stores as well

What you should do during the return process?

When the parcel arrived you should deal with the following task:

  • log the return reason
  • issue a storno invoice
  • manage refund (or offer a coupon code)
  • restock the product
return order
To start the return process open the order and click on 'candel order' button.

Stylehub allows you to streamline tasks around return management with a single click.

  • start partial or full returns
  • generates a storno invoice
  • restock items
  • initiate refund

How easy-returns grow your business?

Providing a free or easy return builds trust and improves the conversion rate, plus, it's a great way to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers. That's why you should offer a return option.

Did you know?

  • 90% of consumer will buy something again if returns are easy whereas
  • 79% of consumers want free return shipping
  • 67% of shoppers check the returns page before making a purchase

Although returns management means additional tasks in running your e-commerce business, you can do a lot on optimizing it.

  • provide an easy-to-access and detailed return policy on your website
  • tell the customers how can they initiate the return in the return policy
  • include return instructions in the package (or print it on the invoice)
  • provide a link where the customers can order the carrier
  • print and include a return label to the order

How to reduce return rates

In addition, to offer easy returns, you should work on reducing the return rates. Return reasons could be different and each of them can be managed differently. Let's make a list of the top reasons why consumers return ordered products:

20% - received damaged product

To solve this issue you should check or even test how durable your packaging is. If you find the packaging strong enough, you should contact or replace your shipping partner. You can also offer both standard and premium shipping to your customers.

22% - product received looks different

This is the point where you need to check and improve your website. You should read our article about how product photography can improve online sales and reduce the return rate to improve your images. 

23% - received the wrong item

To reduce warehousing and order picking failures we offer to print picking slips or manage your fulfillment by a professional logistics like Webshippy

35% - other reasons

To figure out further problems logging the return reasons is crucial, and that's why you always have to ask the return reason — easy-to-solve problems could come up. For example, a wrong size chart can occur multiple returns if the customers choose the wrong size. Our advice: Include this question to the return form and make a list of the top return reasons.

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