Release notes - Aug 2021

Reach your customers on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Google Ads conversion tracking

Boost your traffic by promoting your products on Google networks. Integrate Google Conversion Pixel to your store to track your paid campaigns' performance. 

Outrank search ads with Google Shopping ads.

Did you know? Product ads always appear above search ads. Sync your store's data feed into Google Merchant Center with just a few clicks and start promoting your products on Google Shopping Feed. 

Learn more about your customers.

Analyzing visitors' habits help to optimize your store and increasing your profit. You can add Google Universal Analytics, Enhanced Ecommerce, and GA4 tracking as well. Connect it and start improving.

Attract your customers on Facebook.

Showcasing your catalog on Facebook and Instagram is a GREAT way to increase sales.  Connect your store to Facebook Product Feed and launch product ad campaigns by showing the right products to your customers. 

Instagram Shoppable Posts

A picture SELLS like a thousand words. Reach billions of Instagram users longing for products like yours with Shoppable Instagram posts. Facebook Product Feed lets you tag products and monetizes your feed.

Retarget - convert.

Add Facebook Pixel to your store with a few clicks and retarget your visitors on Facebook or Instagram. Remarketing ads increase massively conversion rates. On top of that, Facebook Pixels provides valuable insights about your audience.

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