Release notes - June 2021

Huge steps forward to elevate your shopping experience

Say hello to the built-in invoicing system.

Elevate your purchase experience by custom branded invoices that meet the EU regulations. Leave behind the paid services and switch to Stylehub's ready-to-go invoicing that's added to your store admin.

Dress up your store with new fonts.

Want to improve your store design? Here's the final piece of the puzzle. Dozens of Google fonts were added to the website builder. Pick the one that matches your brand's personality and update your site content with a few clicks.

Delight your B2B customers.

Tailor your prices to your audience by choosing the right format. Choose one of the predefined net price settings and add it to your price lists. Stylehub will update all product pages according to the local VAT rules.

Lightning-fast product uploads.

The product upload process improved massively. Extending your catalog is now faster and easier. With a single click, you can directly add all predefined product variants to the new product. Plus Stylehub automatically fills empty fields such as URL and SKU with recommendations available in all languages and product levels.

Psst. Inventory management is here.

Setting the available quantities for each product prevents overselling because ordered items will be double-checked throughout the purchase process. We won't stop here, further improvements are on the way.

New product carousel block.

Showcase any set of products on store pages by adding a custom set of your catalog as a carousel block. Pick a collection you already have in your store or create a unique assortment for this section.

Product improvements

· VAT numbers on invoices.
· Include a Youtube link to your store.
· Better mobile support.
· Minor bug fixes.

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