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The 3 things every brand should know about shipping management

Put a finger down if you’ve ever felt slightly dissatisfied with your business’ entire sales effort because of having to work on the shipping chain, where there are some conditions that, until now, come way out of hand. Either because there was a high volume of orders or you didn’t see that coming any time since your brand started out. Could there be anything else?

Shipping management is make-or-break important.

In the world of fashion ecommerce, having a smart shipping strategy is of vital importance to your business. Often costly and time-consuming, especially for small businesses with just as small numbers of staff, shipping management is a challenge that requires knowledge and a plan. Many times, what seems to work for brands, in the beginning, becomes a mess of problems and tangles as the business begins to grow. This then results in poor consumer experiences, bad reviews, and substantial losses in revenue. What works for your brand when you’re shipping 20 products a week, will probably not work when you’re shipping 200. 

The good news is that many of the pains and difficulties of shipping management can be avoided simply by choosing a fashion-specific ecommerce platform for your brand. Building your brand on a platform that has been designed from the ground up by fashion ecommerce experts, to carefully solve the challenges that online fashion brands face, can mean the difference between scaling to success or hitting a major roadblock. Keep reading as we get to know the most crucial aspects of shipping management that’ll help you save time, money, and your brand’s reputation. 

3 vital tools every shipping management strategy should have

Besides juggling different facets in ecommerce to make your business work, it’s also essential to understand how these affect each part. There are tons of approaches to carry out when managing an effective shipping operation, but we are going up front to what weighs the heaviest. Because we all like it directly to the point.

Integrated invoicing. 

It may seem like a no-brainer, but this strategy is number 1 on our list for a reason. An integrated invoicing that is seamlessly connected to your webshop engine helps you keep an eye on your entire shipping operation in one place. It’s about having a dashboard that is perfectly tailored to your exact business needs as an online fashion brand. With this tool, you can closely monitor everything from accounting information to job flow to payment processing. Moreover, this gives you indispensable business intelligence with alerts and reminders that let you know the status of orders and keeps your finger on the pulse of your business. 

Using multiple services and software to manage invoicing isn’t only a huge fuss over a management perspective but also often results in the duplication of efforts, as you must manually enter the same information across the different services you’re using. Therefore, integrated invoicing can create considerable time savings. It gives you one space to manage all of your shipping tasks and frees you from having to constantly monitor the statuses of several orders in different stages of processing in your shipping chain. Impatient customers asking you for delivery updates? Worry not because your system has got it all recorded effortlessly. Both small and large ecommerce businesses would enjoy the benefit of having all of these automated and integrated to their store website.

Integrated shipping. 

One thing many inexperienced brands consistently underestimate is the difficulty of manually shipping their own products. As many accomplished ecommerce brands will gladly tell you, this can quickly become a nightmare. To ensure the best possible checkout experience, you should offer multiple trusted shipping providers, and let your customers select the one that best meets their local or personal needs. This way you can cover all the possible scenarios—inexpensive shipping for those who want it, premium shipping for delicate and fragile items, and rush delivery for gifts and other top-priority purchases. 

However, one sales downfall that needs mentioning and action is the tendency for shoppers to step back once they feel odd about being in a different setting. A strategy that will certainly work for brands selling internationally is the ability to offer customers shipping providers that they know and can be comfortable with. Since StyleHub fully integrates a wide selection of shipping services, there’s a lot for your customers to choose from that breaks down walls of time and distance. Meet our reputable partners in shipping that cater both domestic and international delivery services, so your customers can buy with confidence, knowing their package will arrive with no complications, no matter where in the world they’re ordering from.


We natively support PostNord (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway), they will surely help you to deliver domestic parcels within the Scandinavian region and to send packages to anywhere from this area.


Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe.


DPD group is an international parcel delivery service for parcels weighing under 30kg, which delivers 5.2 million parcels worldwide every day. Its brands are DPD, Chronopost, Seur, and BRT.


GLS offers reliable shipping solutions—both nationally and internationally in Europe and worldwide. The GLS Group covers 41 European countries and eight U.S. states with its parcel services, the majority via own subsidiaries, others via reliable partner companies.

To result in improved customer experience that equates to trust and sky-high conversion rates is the ultimate goal of the above options, all of which apply to your brand’s progress. You want this to be conveniently available for your repeat and potential customers, and it’s no surprise how they expect the same thing from you. Most ecommerce platforms require additional plugins to be able to offer multiple shipping services and manage various shipping rates between them. With StyleHub, native easy integration of shipping services is included—no hassle, no extra costs or fees, just the solutions you need. 

Speedy labels. 

Aside from working on the packaging materials and designs—which are influential factors that satisfy consumers—this is the part that consumes your time past the allotted. Increasing efficiency on repetitive tasks is the way to save your time and power, and one such often overlooked shipping task is printing the labels and stickers for your parcels. Creating them manually is hardly an option—it simply costs you way too much time and let’s be honest: it’s just not how we want to spend our day. StyleHub understands the importance of these seemingly minor details because it was designed by seasoned ecommerce experts who’ve faced the same challenges you do selling online. StyleHub includes shipping ticket automation in the standard feature set of our platform. Now you can print labels for multiple orders at the same time and fulfill more purchases than ever before. You can also buy all of your shipping labels with one click, without ever leaving the StyleHub platform. Just think of the disaster of not having these features integrated on your webshop during the holiday season! 

The name of the game: integration and automation.

Efficiency in shipping management, as with all other areas of your business, depends heavily on streamlining and integrating the key features you rely on most into one platform, and automating repetitive tasks whenever possible. StyleHub was built with exactly this idea in mind, that’s why we offer the fullest suite of integrated features and services and tie them all together with some most advanced automation technologies of any ecommerce platform out there.

Our advice to you is to consider mindfully each step of your shipping management and order fulfillment process. One disappointing shipping experience that your customer encounters and you’ll lose it. You’re aware of how frustrating it is, as a customer, to receive a bad, final purchasing stage from a brand you’ve always looked up to. Or maybe finding out beforehand that they take ages to deliver a single package. So how much worse could it be for those who’ll be putting their trust in your own fashion brand and get nothing favorable in return? Growing and retaining a community of market that you can call your own demands you incorporate fully functioning services from start to finish

Choose a platform that serves those needs best to bring out the all-good your brand has to offer. Look for a platform that integrates with your 3rd party services seamlessly (and hopefully without additional plugins and hidden fees), and can help you save as much time as possible with smart automation. Since our ecommerce experts have seen it all, we know what hurts and why. We have built an ecommerce platform for the fashion world that has all the features and services you need most to succeed, out of the box, from day one onward. 

We’re always looking for new ways to improve and simplify the shipping process, so you can spend more time focusing on your passion. The upcoming features of our platform are now being trained to pave their way and help you manage to deliver with greater ease. Together, let’s bring out a force that’s beyond quality products and boosted revenue. Let our focus be on work efficiency and customer satisfaction and loyalty too, this time.

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