Stylehub vs Shopify

Stylehub vs Shopify

As a business owner, choosing the right ecommerce platform that fits your business needs is crucial for your success. In this guide, we will show you a detailed comparison of Stylehub vs Shopify.

Let's get to the bottom of this, and compare the two platforms head-to-head!

Main differences between Stylehub and Shopify

Let's start with the main contrast between the two platforms: Stylehub is an all-in-one platform, you can easily use all of its features, without having to install and pay for additional plugins. In contrast, Shopify plans offer only basic features to begin running a webshop, but you'll end up needing to add more services sooner than you think. 

To extend this basic feature-set, you’ll have to navigate to the plugins directory. Most of the free add-ons offer low functionality, so you're most likely going to end up installing 4-5 paid plugins, which could triple your monthly costs.

The next huge difference is that Stylehub is tailored for fashion brands, while Shopify offers more general services. Stylehub webshops include all the top-tier features that are currently being used by the top global clothing apparel brands like looks, lookbooks, size-charts and so much more. Shopify, by contrast, offers ecommerce platforms for a generic audience, and therefore its webshops are designed with common features that could work for selling things such as tools, gadgets, or nuts and bolts.

shopify app store
Researching the right plugins could take days in Shopify app store

How to choose the right ecommerce platform for your brand?

Before you set about launching a webshop, we actually recommend that you first make a list of all the activities you're going to need to manage. It's easy to miss important details when you’re focusing mainly on initial pricing. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of features you should also be sure to consider when you’re about to launch a brand new online fashion store.

seamless shopping experience
Seamless shopping experience by Stylehub.

Storefront design

First impressions are incredibly important because they serve to set the tone for a customer’s entire shopping experience. In fact, many potential customers will simply click away, if they land on an outdated storefront with a poor user experience! 

Stylehub offers an exclusive set of easily customizable store themes designed by fashion ecommerce experts. Professional themes are included in all Stylehub plans, while Shopify requires you to spend a lot of extra money to look fashionable (a premium theme could cost 200-500 EUR)." 

Search engine optimization

Performance is a vital part of the overall experience. If your webshop is slow to load or uses low-quality images, your visitors are just going to leave, without ever taking the time to browse your store.

Stylehub’s webshops run on Google CDN, which is the fastest network in the world. Furthermore, all the SEO features you'll need to outrank your competitors are included. And while Shopify webshops can be SEO-optimized as well, you'll need additional (paid) plugins to improve your store speed and manage high-quality images.

Stylehub's OpenGraph editor


Marketing features are often not considered when launching a new webshop - but make no mistake: these features are essential to driving sales.

Discounting tools are a must if you want to make the most of seasonal campaigns

You can use all of the above-listed features as standard in every Stylehub plan - whereas Shopify plans only include the abandoned cart recovery feature, and for the rest, you’ll need to install plugins that tend to cost $9-$29 per marketing feature.

shopify app articles
Setting up the right apps could take weeks.

Selling in multiple countries

For selling your products effectively outside of your country, you'll need to enhance your store with the following features:

A multi-language store is a must, to provide a localized shopping experience.

Regional pricing can help adjust your pricing to different regions appropriately (due to factors like different shipping costs, regional markup, etc.).

Multi-currency features allow you to reach better conversion by offering your products in local currencies.

Local payment and shipping providers make your shoppers feel comfortable - and therefore, more likely to buy from you.

Stylehub was designed from the ground-up to be international, allowing seamless translation across your entire store. You can create unique price lists in local currencies and connect domestic payment and shipping providers. With Shopify, you can still set up multilingual and multi-currency stores - but only after installing third-party plugins.

add currencies
Add new currencies to your pricelist seamlessly - with Stylehub.
price list manager
Stylehub's price list manager tool


Everybody wants slightly more bang for their buck, here's a table that should make the costs involved with each platform easier to grasp:

Stylehub vs Shopify - pricing

Additional features tailored for fashion

On-site search

More than 40% of all purchases come from on-site searches, so you definitely have to pay attention to include a search bar in your webshop. While Shopify offers a standard, general search engine, Stylehub allows you to provide the best, tailored search experience for your customers. 

Stylehub search engine understands all the synonyms that users can enter, like “trousers”, “jeans”, etc. Moreover, it also collects and reports search data, to improve your site content.


Lookbooks are first and foremost selling tools. Once used exclusively by top fashion magazines, they are now an essential marketing tool for online fashion brands. 

Looks and lookbooks are available on all Stylehub plans, while you can't provide the same experience even with Shopify's paid plugin, which costs $29 USD per month.

manage looks
Stylehub's built in look editor

Product categories

One of the well-known limitations of Shopify is its product subcategories, in which you can't manage anything more than a three-level hierarchy - meaning, you can only organize and highlight your products in the following structure: Women > Accessories > Bags (for example).

Conversely, Stylehub offers unlimited subcategories for your products, so that you can easily tailor your product catalog and site menus to your own unique needs.

product categories
Stylehub's product category manager with unlimited subcategories.

Localizing your online store

Above, we covered the inherent benefits of providing a localized shopping experience with multilingual and multi-currency features. This is important to keep in mind because as you scale up your operation and expand into global markets, you could very easily meet one of the most common limitations of many ecommerce platforms: insufficient translation. 

Shopify’s paid multilanguage apps leave a bit to be desired in this arena, only offering half-baked solutions for translating your pages and allowing you to only localize specific parts of your webshop, such as landing pages and some parts of your product pages. Stylehub, however, is able to remove this barrier completely by offering seamless localization that lets you translate your entire webshop - down to the very last letter.

To sum up

With all of the facts considered, you’ll realize the initial price tag is only a fraction of the story. When projecting long-term costs (as any smart business should), you’ll see that you can save more with Stylehub. 

In short, ecommerce platforms like Shopify are all about starting you on an affordable plan, only to consistently try and convince you that you need all of their extra features with upsells along the way. Not only are these upsells costly, but they involve you having to take the time to use them, which is time you could have otherwise been spending on your actual business!

We strongly suggest making a list of all of the features your online shop really needs, so you can see your costs and the value of what you’re getting for your investments.

After all, what’s the point of paying extra for features that you can have within the same platform?

Take care of your time and budget and choose Stylehub. 

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