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T-shirt packaging best practices

A beautiful t-shirt will bring your customer joy, but there is more to the customer experience than just the product. Think about it, why do you love your favorite brands? Sure, it’s because they offer great products, but there’s probably more to it than that. The packaging for example. 

You can make an impression on your customer in many ways, and your t-shirt packaging is one of them. When ordering online, the packaging is essentially the first impression.

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Why is t-shirt packaging important

When a customer orders your t-shirt online, you don’t get to talk to them personally. However, you can still channel that customer service through the t-shirt packaging. This is also where you can elevate the customer experience by making them feel special and make sure they remember you in the future. You now potentially have a returning customer!

Tshirt packaging forzieri
Gift wrapping - Forzieri

So, what do you actually need in order to improve your t-shirt packaging? There are many things you can add to your packaging but the main things you should think about are:

Mailing bag/box

This is the first thing the customer sees, so why not invest in something a bit more fun than an ordinary cardboard box? Think about what you want to communicate to the customer through your packaging. Is it a sense of luxury? Minimalism? Creativity? Does it make more sense to use a soft mailing bag or a solid box? When you figure it out, let it inspire your choice of mailing package.

Pro tip: When each element in your t-shirt packaging is aligned with your branding, your brand will automatically seem professional and consistent. If your primary color is black, you should probably look into black packaging.

It's a journey, not a package – Forzieri.com

Tissue paper

Next step: something protecting the actual product. Why? Because it’s just not that nice to open up your package and have the t-shirt fall out completely unprotected. Get some tissue paper in a fitting color and wrap it around your nicely folded t-shirt. It will add that little extra, without costing a fortune.

Pro tip: just like the mailing bag, you may want to think about using brand colors for consistency. If possible, get a feel of the tissue paper before you buy it and make sure it’s not too low quality. All of these key things will make or break the customer experience.

Brand-related stickers or labels

The last basic thing that will make your t-shirt packaging feel professional, is something that displays your brand’s logo. This could be a sticker that you place somewhere on the package or a small label with some information about the brand and where customers can find you online. This will increase brand awareness and encourage your customers to connect with you on social media.

Wrapping extras - The Kind Curator
Wrapping extras - The Kind Curator

T-shirt packaging extras

Still, got space (and budget) for something extra? Take notes, because these can be really useful and will definitely help you grow your t-shirt business.


Adding a small flyer gives you the chance to advertise your other products, tell your story and really connect with the customer. It doesn’t even have to cost you much. Simply create a nice design with some useful information about your brand and print it.

Pro tip: Make sure to add a small “about us” section that feels personal. You can also make it more fun by adding a “did you know” section with fun facts about your brand.

Swing label/business card

A swing label that you attach to your t-shirt, will make your business feel just as professional as a physical clothing store. Add logo, size, care instructions, and other useful information.

Pro tip: Want to get more for your buck? Make the label into a business card! Add contact details and social media. Don’t forget to encourage your customers to use a brand hashtag when showcasing their purchases online.

Gifting is an art, and this art is the signature of unique personalization. – Dior

Thank you note

A thank you note is very valuable to a customer, especially if it’s handwritten. This will make them feel special, which is what you want. Do you have to handwrite hundreds of thank you-notes every month? No, you can make it simple! Have them printed with your logo, general information, and maybe even a small offer such as a discount code to encourage future purchases. Leave a few lines where you can handwrite a “thank you, name” and your signature. Try to do this even if you have a high volume of orders. It will mean more to the customer than you can imagine!


Can you offer the customer something small, for free? Inserts are always a fun part of ordering online. You might know that online beauty stores often send small samples with their orders? Think about what you could add to your t-shirt packaging! 

A few insert-ideas:

- Brand stickers (for the customer to use)
- Discount codes and deals
- Candy that somehow relates to your brand

Gift wrapping - Dior
Gift wrapping - Dior

Easy to use t-shirt packaging hints

Are you just starting out with your t-shirt business and your budget is sort tight at the moment? This is common, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to spice up your t-shirt packaging. Charm them from the start with this simple extras:


It all depends on your brand, but if confetti matches your brand aesthetic, why not put it to use? Confetti doesn’t cost a fortune. Add a few to your packaging and it’ll be a fun surprise. Remember that bigger pieces will be more appreciated as tiny glitters can be quite hard for the customer to clean up. You don’t want a happy surprise to turn into an annoyance.


Just like confetti, a ribbon can improve your t-shirt packaging in an instant while still being inexpensive! Choose one that fits your aesthetic, and wrap it around the product as if it were a gift. Who wouldn’t want to feel like someone sent them a gift (even though they paid for it)?

Unusual materials

Confetti and ribbons are cute but also standard. While this is still a fun touch, you can also look into unusual materials, if that fits your brand and philosophy. Think outside of the box: what inexpensive material can you add to your t-shirt packaging without exceeding your budget?

Here are a few ideas:

- Cheap wallpaper
- Dried leaves and flowers
- A spritz of perfume
- Coffee beans

Custom stamp

Get yourself a stamp with your logo or something else related to your brand. If your packing is a bit dull, use the stamp to make it look custom-made and rustic. It sounds simple but can actually look really exclusive.

Packaging examples

Now you have a lot of ideas written in words, but how about some visual inspiration? We have handpicked a few cool t-shirt packaging examples and explained why we like them so much:

Here you have a great example of a simple, yet unique packaging. The keys adds that little extra, but you could do something else that has the same affect.

custom t-shirt packaging
Source: Pinterest

If you have the budget for it, why not arrange custom-made cloth that can be used instead of thrown away?

custom-made cloth packaging
Source: Pinterest

Your thank-you note can be simple. Add a QR-code to awaken your customer’s curiosity. “Scan the code and get a surprise, just for you!”.

QR-code thank you note on packaging
Source: Pinterest

If botanicals make sense to your brand, why not add a small flower or perhaps petals? This will for sure make your brand stand out. Not to mention, how good your products will smell!

botanical t-shirt packaging
Source: Pinterest

Want to avoid using plastic? Try using glass jars as packing instead of paper and plastic. And hey, the customer can re-use that jar!

jar packaging
Source: Pinterest

If you feel creative, play around with your tissue paper. The example above clearly shows you how simple and inexpensive a creative t-shirt packaging can be. Create flowers, t-shirt pockets, and other creations to wow your customers.

creative t-shirt packaging
Source: Pinterest

Custom-made inserts, labels, and other extras will make your brand feel way more personal and professional. Customers usually love these little details, so figure out what you can add to stand out.

custom-made inserts at packaging
Source: Pinterest


Are you buzzing with new, creative ideas? Good, our job is complete! We have now mentioned several t-shirt packaging ideas you can use to make sure your customer remembers you. There is so much you can do. Sure, a large budget will give you the opportunity to custom-make everything, but don’t worry if you have limited funds for now - the most creative ideas are born from lack of money.

Lastly, we would just like to give one last tip: an amazing customer experience doesn't have to cost a fortune. Do some thorough research, ask for good deals from vendors, be creative with the resources you have and put love in every detail. Your customers will be impressed by your dedication, and their willingness to support you will be greater than ever.

Good luck!

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