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Mono Sans

Mono Sans is a high-quality online store template, handcrafted for lifestyle, design and fashion brands. We realize Mono might be too edgy for some, so we released a more fluffy, cozy version.

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Responsive, SEO friendly design

Mono Sans is optimized for all popular resolutions and devices. Your store will look equally great on mobile phones, tablets and giant 4K screens.

Flexible navigation

Add links, dropdowns and build complex megamenus for your main navigation. All menus adapt perfectly to mobile devices.

70+ design options

Tailor Mono Sans to your brand seamlessly with dozens of global customization options. Set colors, sizes and other styles for all basic store elements.

Web fonts

Use the latest and best fonts in your store from Google's ever growing Web Font collection.

Custom interactions

Mono Sans features custom micro interactions, UI elements and animations for additional polish and usability.

50+ content blocks

Choose from over 50 different responsive content blocks. Add media, text, buttons and customize colors, alignment, behavior, and much more.

Customizable product pages

Mono Sans offers dozens of options for finetuning the appearance and behavior of collection and product detail pages.

Custom checkout

Your design settings are applied to the checkout process as well, providing your customers with a seamless experience from start to end.

Search bar

Mono Sans has built in search functionality that takes advantage of Stylehub's smart search and filtering technology.

Announcement bar

Communicate deals or other important information with the built in announcement bar.

Cookie consent

Mono Sans comes with a built in cookie consent bar as well, with customizable text and colors.

Lead generating popups

Build your subscriber base and monetize visitors with beautiful, seamlessly integrated popup forms.

Regular updates

All Stylehub themes are regularly updated with new features, for performance reasons and maximum safety.

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